AstroViewer 3.1

It's an interactive sky map that helps you to find your way in the night sky
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The AstroViewer 2.1 is a sky map built for easily finding your way through the stars in the sky. This package is suitable for people interested in astrology or just curious to know about the stars.
The AstroViewer 2.1 is an interactive mapping system built keeping in mind simplicity and speed. You just need to specify your location and time and instantly you can start exploring the skies search for the planets and constellations. You have the option to find the current skies above some international cities. If you are an astrologer or have an online site of astrology then this is a good package to add to your site. You can view the sky from any part of the earth at any given time. Get detailed information about the stars planets and constellations alongside. You get to print a sky chart and display 3D images of the solar system. The AstroViewer 2.1 is built for professional usage.

The software is simple to use and provides easy access to information for people doing research and study. With the AstroViewer 2.1 you have the ability to see the sky at any time from any part of the world.

Luis Sanchez
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